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My 2008 BMW 520D with N47 Engine is about to experience some BIG problems. Watch exactly how to replace the timing chain kit in a series here: https://www.yo.. A range of BMW diesel engines produced between 2006 and 2012 appear to have a design problem affecting the timing chain. The engine timing chain is very weak - it stretches over time, and ultimately snaps. BMW timing chains have snapped on a range of models across the 1, 3 & 5 Series, most commonly affecting the N47 diesel n47 timing chain fix. Find out more about the BMW 1 Series E81, E82, E87, E88. Post by iceox » Sat Jun 21, 2014 5:36 pm. sorry for another timing chain thread but i cant seem to get a definitive answer via google! my car build date is december 2009 (120d). does this mean its had the new guides and what not fitted BMW N47 Timing Chain Failure http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mg74/features/bmw-chains-snap-n47-engine-2007-2009 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01bbfs

Timing chain problems are common in BMW N47 4-cyl Diesel engines. This happens to engine when the chain snaps at full throttle acceleration N47 Timing Chain failure --- how BMW obviously shifted It took quite a lot of effort to get them to agree there would be no charge and get them to fix it back to how it was when. BMW Timing Chain Diagnosis & Repair If you own a BMW model from any of the BMW 1, 3 or 5 series manufactured between 2007 and 2011 then your car is liable to have a timing chain problem.The luxury German machines are prone to a specific engine problem, a timing-chain-wear caused largely to the use of the newer N47 motor engine The 2013 BMW 320d N47 was known to have timing chain failures vs 2014 BMW 320d B47 2014 or newer. Did they fix the timing chain failure on the newer engine B47 (2014 +) ? What to avoid doing in order for it to function in normal parameters; Also, after how many miles does it need to be replaced

Going by the E90 owners group on Facebook, steps to fix the timing chain issue were taken in 2010/11 cars (there may be an engine code variant to reflect this). Nonetheless the chains still give bother, so I imagine the design flaw is inherent to the tensioner design and would occur in the F30 cars as well Those block up, no oil on the timing chain, engine goosed again. I've never seen an N47 engine fail with excellent service history. I recommend those people that have a BMW with the N47 engine to service it every 7,000 miles, chains need fresh oil to stay healthy, and so do turbos BMW dealer said no to the fix. So I called BMW Australia and stated my case to the customer service rep and stated if BMW would of informed me about maintenance activities then I would of paid for the service of new timing chains, they didn't and I had always taken it to BMW for servicing BMW N47 timing chain replacement guide. How to remove N47 engine and replace timing chain. The first part of replacing the timing chain on the BMW N47 engine..

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  1. g chain is very weak - it stretches over time, and ultimately snaps. BMW ti
  2. g chain problem comes back to haunt carmaker Irish solicitor 'inundated' with BMW owners keen to sue over N47 diesel engine failures Tue, Nov 15, 2016, 20:12 Updated: Wed, Nov 16.
  3. g chain to The sprockets were not finished off with sharp edges resulting in eating the chain. I also do not have a buddy at BMW but take my car to be serviced only by BMW as that is the They must be some serious experts to refuse to fix a e39s 525i rough idle because there are no codes.
  4. g chain kit replacement with original upgraded BMW parts starts from £1360,- N47 engines have no other design issues and can easily run 200,000 miles if maintained correctly plus it is your original engine with traceable service history and mileage
  5. g chain problem (publicly), the best we can do is to see what the BMW owners community has said about it. According to the community, the problem lies with the crank shaft sprocket

N47 and N57 both have timing chain problems and they're costly to fix, because the chain is located at the rear of the engine. With the diesels, best shout is to get the M57N2 (145kW,170kW,210kW), the chains are not the best and have to be changed at around 200k km's, but it's much easier to change the chain as it is located in the front, so you don't need to drop the engine, which would set. Compare BMW Timing Chain prices near you with Who Can Fix My Car. It takes seconds: compare competitive Timing Chain prices and customer reviews from local garages, BMW Mobile Mechanics and even BMW dealers before taking your pick BMW 2.0 diesel (N47/N47D20A) Ah yes, the (in)famous N47 with its well-known and documented timing chain problem. Adding insult to injury, there is also the absurd positioning of the timing chain at the back of the engine. So in order to do any repairs, the mechanic has to take it out of the car Hi Guys i have the dreaded timing chain problem on my BMW 118d it's the N47 engine, I took it to BMW and told them it's the Timing chain making a noise, there are a lot of people out there with this problem, they told me I would have to pay £99 diagnostics fee just to tell me what I already know, and guess what it was, yes the Timing chain needs replacing, if you go on Google and type N47. BMW Recalls many (n47) engines timing chain - revisited and washing machine noises Helping to source a new car for my partner I got to speak to some dealers (which I do enjoy) and one mentioned the n47 issue as we saw a pre affected model and this was a 'plus' for that vehicle

However , for the new N47 diesel engine, BMW completely redesigned the timing chain setup and relocated it to the rear of the engine by the bulkhead area. This was done largely on the principle that the chain was to become a service-free item, and therefore was the best situated out of the way. But as a result, gaining access to these parts is. Despite numerous complaints of BMW timing chains snapping on 2007 - 2009 models with N47 engine, BMW still deny it's a manufacturing fault BMW N47 timing chain, please listen. Reply and with an appalling timing chain noise. Good luck with the fix. Reply Reply. BMW N47 Timing Chain Failure Don't let the chain kill your engine. It has been well documented that there is an ongoing issue with BMW N47 Engine timing chain failures. A simple google search will provide reems of information and the BBC watchdog investigation into the problem In the case of BMW N47 timing chain snaps, there is a collision with pistons take place between the exhaust valves and the inlet that results in massive engine damage. In a result, it will start bending all the 16 valves, twist and snap both camshafts, shatter the rocket arms and also snap the camshaft housing

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  1. g chain problems. The N47 engine family is prone to excessive ti
  2. g chain is a complex task. If you are lucky the chain simply needs replacing, in most cases the entire engine will have to be replaced. As you can imagine, that's not a cheap option and by no means is this a quick fix
  3. g chains have snapped on a range of models across the 1, 3 & 5 Series, most commonly affecting the N47 diesel. Engine Rebuild for BMW N47, M57 & N57 Ti
  4. g Chain problem - resolved Sign in to follow this . Followers 3. BMW 520d N47 Ti
  5. g Chain bottom. 13 52 7 797 906 sprocket for driving the high pressure pump. 11 27 7 800 523 sprocket (intermediate for balance shafts). 11 8,510,014 31 Supply Chain superior.-11 7,797,899 31 Ti
  6. g chains that cost a fortune to fix. - For more news, reviews and Top Tens, visit https://www.honestjohn.co.u

The timing chains and due to the timing chain issue, overall engine failure issues are not the thing of yesterday, they are arising and being reported to the manufacturer. Since the instigation of the BMW N47 in models like BMW 118d 2.0 litre diesel engines , it is hard to say that how many engines were reported to the automaker but this is confirmed that problem is not smaller or either. BMW timing chain issues (2018 update) Hi All, On the hunt for a secondhand 5 series BMW and reading a lot about the timing chain issues still being an issue on the N47 and N57 engines Wikipedias N47 entry säger: Timing chain problems The N47 engine family is prone to excessive timing chain wear and premature failure[5]. Rattling noise from rear of the engine is indicative of the condition. Timing chain failure may call for engine replacement or a costly repair

BMW issues a service bulletin for models powered by the N63 4.4 liter V8. BMW to replace faulty timing chain in 2008-2014 vehicle So i'm just wondering how long will it take until the timing chain snap and i have to change the whole engine, meanwhile trying to gather money to change the.. Chain Tensioner Locking Pins (2) These are used to lock the chain tensioners in their retracted position. D Note: These instructions are provided for guidance only. Please refer to the vehicles manufacturers' instruction or a reputable data provider. We recommend the use of Autodata's Timing Chain and Belt instruction manuals

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As the chain is at the back of the engine it's an engine out job to fix it. Also based on the N47 issue you may need a new crankshaft! For this reason I personally would avoid running one of these without a BMW or third party warranty. All engines have some kind of problem. This is a biggie so far as potential costs go BMW N47/N47S/N57 2.0 Diesel engines * BMW Number: 115320, 116480, 118760, 118740, 113340, 114320, 118750, 118790. * This set for installing and removing camshaft & Variable camshaft timing unit, also for aligning the balance shaft and crankshaft timing positio N47 engine, N47DKO, N47S, N47T production interval 05.01.2009 - 01.03.2011 In case of customer complaint replace the following parts: (See Appendix, Art 8 to 10)-11 8,506,652 31 Supply Chain bottom. - 13 52 7 797 906 sprocket high pressure pump. - 11 31 8 510 014 Supply Chain superior.-11 7,797,899 31 Timing Chain Guide above

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Recently the engine on my 3 Series Touring stopped dead. A trip to the BMW dealer revealed timing chain failure, and I have a bill for around £4000. I can't pay this at the moment, so I am without the car until I can! The car has always been dealer serviced, is a 57 plate and has about 160K on the clock so technically high mileage I suppose. I became aware of problems on the N47 engine, but. BMW 1 series Timing chain replacement. The timing chain is one of the most crucial components inside a BMW or MINI engine as failure of the chain or other parts related to it such as the guides for the chain tensioner can lead to serious engine damage meaning a very expensive repair or replacement Riveting tool set for timing chain, for engine N43/N45/N46/N47 - Original BMW - 83302354985, 83 30 2 354 985, 2354985, 83-30-2-354-985 - Fits on models: E81 E87 E87 LCI E88 E82 F20 F20 LCI F21 F21 LCI E46 E90 E90 LCI E91 E91 LCI E92 E92 LCI E93 E93 LCI F30 F30 LCI F31 F35 F35 LCI E60 LCI E61 LCI F07 GT F07 GT LCI F10 F10 LCI F11 F11 LCI F06 GC F06 GC LCI F12 F12 LCI F13 F13 LCI X1 (E84) X3. OUR HIGHLY TRAINED AND FRIENDLY BMW TECHNICIANS HAVE OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE BETWEEN THEM, THIS ENSURES WE CAN FIX ANY PROBLEMS YOUR VEHICLE MAY INCURE. Please note if you purchase this item it is for N47 or B47 engine 2011-2017 3 series F10 and F11. Please also note the price stated is just for the timing chain replacement only Timing chain failure may call for engine replacement or a costly repair. The most affected are BMW N47 engines found in 1, 3 and 5 Series models; however other BMW engines such as N57 - 3.0d 6 cylinders diesel engine and 4 cylinders petrol engines are prone to Timing Chains wear even at as low as 50k miles and with Full BMW Service History

I am looking to buy a new car in the coming weeks and have been leaning towards a BMW 320D M sport 2010 (184Bhp model). I consider my knowledge about cars pretty limited and having come across this timing chain issue with the 320D models I am a little concerned BMW E83 X3 2.0d and xDrive20d: N47 timing chains For 2.0-litre N47 four-cylinder turbo-diesel engines manufactured between March 2007 and March 2011, excessively sharp teeth on the crankshaft sprocket could damage, or break, the timing chain Timing chain replacement is not done as a normal service item as Belt driven motors are at 100 k. Bajaj Pulsar Timing Chain Replacement watch other videos - goo. מאת: BMW N47 Timing. BMW e90 320d paranoia! (N47 timing chain) Reply Prev of I am getting quotes for the timing belt replacement for £800

BMW 520d N47 Timing Chain problem - resolved - F07/F10/F11

I have a BMW 123d 2010 with just under 60,000km on the clock. It has the N47 engine. It's been a great car for me so far. After a recent service my mechanic told me he thinks the timing chain is getting noisy and drew my attention to some stuff on the web about the chains snapping leading to expensive repairs. My 123d is being looked at by BMW. Bmw B47/N47 TIMING CHAIN FIX. £200.00. 0 bids. £15.85 postage. Ending Sunday at 3:33PM BST 4d 3h. or Buy it now. Click & Collect. BMW N47 TIMING CHAIN KIT N47D20 2.0 & 1.6 DIESEL ENGINE - UPGRADED VERSION - NEW. £94.00. or Best Offer. Click & Collect. FAST & FREE. Only 1 left. BMW/Mini 1.6 & 2.0 Diesel N47D16 & N47D20 Ladder Rack / Rocker. Google Bmw n47 timing chain failure, you are not alone. If you have full Bmw service history they may contribute to a repair made by Bmw. If the service history is not from Bmw they are unlikely to assist. The chain is at the rear of the engine so the engine needs to come out for the repair

For 2.0-litre N47 four-cylinder turbo-diesel engines manufactured between March 2007 and March 2011, excessively sharp teeth on the crankshaft sprocket could damage, or break, the timing chain. Please note that in the event of breakage, catastrophic engine damage could result and the primary symptom of timing chain damage was a loud ticking noise from the rear end of the engine N47 N47S Diesel Engine Chain Twin Camshaft Setting and Timing Locking Belt Tools Kit 4Pcs. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. £35.69 £ 35. 69. FREE Delivery. Timing Tool Kit, Compatible with BMW N47 N47S N57 N57S Diesel Engines from 2007on 1.6d - 5.0d BMW N47 Automatic Timing chain replacement £949.00 inc vat (Not including Automatic Transmisson Fluid & Filter) MINI N47 Manual or Automatic Timing chain replacement £1299.00 inc vat (Not including Clutch & Dual Mass Flywheel, or Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter) N12, N14 & later N16, N18 BMW N47 Engines and their timing chains 12/12/2016 The timing chain on an X3's N47 engine regulates and harmonises the motion of the camshaft, the pistons and the valves. If it works as it should, then everything should be wonderful. However, if it snaps or it misses a beat because it is stretched o..

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The timing chain issues with the BMW N47 engines is old news - the BBC Watchdog feature dates back to 2013 and affected engines were produced between 2007 and February 2011. Problems with the N47 engine were subject to a production fix in March 2011 The N47 engine is a 2.0 litre diesel unit fitted to BMW's 1, 3 and 5 Series as well as to SUV's. When a timing chain fails it can cause catastrophic damage to the moving parts in the engine and. BMW's technical campaign to replace timing chains and tensioners was in response to design deficiencies resulting in premature N47 engine major failures across the world, where there are reports, internationally, of thousands of these engines with failing timing chains and some of which have dropped valves

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BMW N40-N42-N45-N46 petrol engine timing chain fix Found on 116i,118i,129i, 316i,318i,320i .Thes engines are very common on oil leaks all around engine. rocker cover gaskets ,vanos solenoid O rings , oil filter and oil cooler housing gaskets, vacuum pump O ring , spark plug guide O rings ,crank shaft seal and few more [解決方法が見つかりました!] このウィキペディアのページを見て私の理解は、b47が2015年までbmw 320dに表示されなかったことです。n47(b47の前任者)はタイミングチェーンの問題を抱えていたのは事実です。あなたが誰に耳を 傾けるか、あなたがインターネットで読んだもの) all BMWs with the N47 engine (used between Feb 2007 and May 2010) will give timing chain trouble. These engines are all starting to give problem now and you'll find alot more in the UK BMW forums. When the timing chain goes without warning you will have major damage done to your engine as I have Timing Chain Kit For BMW 116d 118d 120d 123d 316d . Timing chain kit for bmw 116d 118d 120d 123d 316d. Bmw timming chain kit this is complete timming chain kit for bmw. hi everyone, i'm having to sell my beautiful car due to the fact that i can't afford to fix it and i need a car to commute bmw The primary purpose of timing chains in a vehicle is to make sure the engine's valves all open and close at the proper times. A timing chain is essentially the same as a timing belt but generally speaking has a much longer service life. it is important to follow your car's service plan and replace the timing chain per the manual's recommendation

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BMW N47 N57 Specialists. BMW N47 N57 timing chain replacement and engine repairs in Manchester. We can now offer to collect your BMW, repair it and deliver it back I'd never heard of an N47 until my car engine seized whilst driving last week. 2011 520D 100k on clock; full BMWMDSH. The crankshaft isn't turning. BMW have quoted me £2000 JUST to investigate and confirm the cause of the issue. I'm pretty sure it's the timing chain has failed. All the symptoms match up with what I've found on the internet we have had 6 snapped chains on those N47 engined BMW's, at all different mileages. Speed of the engine and the car is your friend in these engines. How did it snap? At start up? = chain plus rockers On motorway at 70 mph? = Pistons, rods, valves, camshafts, camshaft carrier, timing case cover, sump, Plus above. Its not that evil a job BMW N47 engine timing chain tensioners issue If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed

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  1. g Chain Failure Problem Youtube is your original engine with traceable service history and mileage. N47 Ti
  2. g chain on your vehicle is the connection between the crankshaft and camshaft. The ti
  3. En rasslande BMW-motor kan ge ägaren riktigt dyra problem. BMW-ägaren Jonathan Ossenkamp fick besked från en auktoriserad verkstad att hans 318d Touring från 2008, med 15.000 mil på mätaren, måste åtgärdas direkt - annars fanns risk för totalt motorhaveri. En del BMW-dieselmotorer av typen N47 har haft problem med kamkedjesträckaren
  4. g chain on BMW 520D E60 E61 2007-2010 Published September 22, 2015 Special tools. Camshaft alignment tool - BMW No.11 8 760. Crankshaft holding tool - BMW No.11 4 320. Crankshaft pulley turning tool - BMW No.11 6 480

BMW 320d B47 2014+ Did they fix the timing chain failure

I am looking to buy a post-2011 BMW 320d with a full service history - every 10,000 miles. Can you tell me when the 320d needs it timing chain changed? I've found a car with 80,000 miles and I intend to run the car beyond 160,000 miles. The reason I ask is because of all of the pre-2011 timing chain problems on the N47 engine. - For more news, reviews and Top Tens, visit https://www.honestjohn. The BMW M57 engines also have timing chain issues. At the same time, BMW petrol engines produced in the same period also face the same timing chain failure issue. We deliver the best quality BMW N47 Diesel Engine for sale all across UK. Search usedenginesforsale.co.uk and get a free price quotes. Timing chain failure affected models and engine. hi there all thou were new to the site we have over 15 years in the trade. trading as bolton timing chains for the last six were ere to offer cheap reliable mechanical work. Most work covered by our 12 month parts and labour warranty free recoveries The N47 BMW Engine timing chain issue - Alderley Autos The N47 or M57 engine is rebuilt with modified chains, guides and tensioners supplied by BMW to reduce the risk of a repeat failure. If your engine has been damaged by a snapped timing chain, you will require the full engine rebuild procedure, inclusive o Hello, Timing Chain in my BMW 520d is snapped. on Computer it's show EGR fault and car doesn't start. It's 57 Registration manual car. Any idea who should i take it to and any recommendations for mechanics in warrington, manchester, liverpool area

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Bmw n47 timing chain replacement procedur BMW are currently doing what has been classed as a Quality Enhancement for 2007 and 2008 registered cars whereby they'll evaluate the timing chain and replace what is neccessary. My November 2007 120d has just come out of my local dealer and has had the spockets and both timings chains changed, not bad for a 160,000 mile car Get the exact price for a Timing Belt/Chain Replacement on your Bmw 1 Series using our free quote engine. We use industry data to pull together labour times and part prices specific to you and your vehicle. Get a mechanic that comes to your home, with a one-year guarantee on all parts and labour BMW timing chains snap on the following models 1, 3 & 5 Series, all with the N47 diesel engine range. This is also becoming more of an issue on the N57 diesel engines as well. When we rebuild these engine we use the most up to date tensioners and guide rails we also use uprated chains, All chains are replaced including the oil pump chain Diesel Engine Setting/Locking Kit - BMW, BMW Mini N47/N57 1.6D, 2.0D, 3.0D - Chain Drive. Essential tools for timing the BMW, BMW Mini N47/N57 1.6, 2.0 and 3.0 diesel chain drive engines. Kit includes camshaft setting plate, flywheel locking pin and crankshaft turning tool

The weakest link on the BMW N20 engine is a common timing chain failure, due to the guides breaking from the chain oscillations.The timing chain in most cases will rattle, oscillate wildly and in the process will break pieces off the chain guide, which will get picked up or sucked up by the oil pump which destroys the engine suddenly in the process The BMW diesel engines N47 produced between 2007 and 2011 all have a particular design problem with the timing chains, they are very weak and stretch over time causing them to then snap. The BMW is ignoring the problem and offers different solutions to different customers BMW N20 Timing Chain Kit. Cost to Repair N20 Timing Chain & Components - ~$200 DIY, $1000+ indy shop. Mileage - May fail earlier, but usually after 50,000 miles. Other BMW N20 Engine Problems. The timing chain seems to be the most significant issue on the N20, and primarily only affects vehicles produced before 2015

Nevertheless, the N47, while not recalled, has had updated camshaft (timing) chains fitted in later years (you can see this on the realoem.com website). It's kind of a crap shoot IMO: M47 with bad swirl flaps that blow up the engine, or N47 with bad chain that blows the engine Home / BMW E90 320d Sedan / Repair Manuals and Technical Data / 11 Engine / 11 31 Camshaft / 11 31 544 Checking timing chain for elongation and replacing top timing chain (N47 D/C K/U/O/T 0/1) Special tools required: 2 354 985 ; 11 5 320; 11 6 480 ; 11 8 760 ok I'm getting a lot of questions about the N20 timing chain noise and replacementhere are 2 short audio clipsyou can here a high pitched whine in both videos. one video is at 3000rpmsand the other is reving the engine up and down,I sent both videos to BMW to get approval on the timing chain bmw n47d20 2.0 mini n47 head gasket timing chain & engine rebuild parts kit new WE'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS & DELIVERING TO YOUR DOOR The Apex Auto Parts Store Website is still trading, but please allow an extra day or so for your order to reach you - thanks

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BMW 2.0 (N47 / N47S) Diesel Engine Timing Kit • Set of locking tools required for correct valve timing on chain driven engines BMW 1.6 / 2.0 / 3.0 / N47 / N47D / N47T / N57 114d (F20/21)(11-) 116d (E81/82/87/88)(04-14) 116d (F20/21)(11-) 118d (E81/82/87/88)(04-14) 118d/xDrive. The timing chain on your BMW X5 keeps your cylinder head's operation timed perfectly with the goings-on in your cylinder block. It can stretch or fail over time, and could require replacement to keep your engine running at its best. If you need timing chain replacement, count on AutoGuru's networks of mechanics to get it fixed right the. Timing Chain Service Tool Set - BMW - Mini - PSA. AST4312 VANOS Engagement Wrench. AST4415 Tensioner Rail Lever. AST5013 Crankshaft Turning Tool. AST5014 Diesel Pump Remover / Sprocket Retainer - BMW N47 / N57 Engines. AST4553 Diesel Pump Remover / Sprocket Retainer - Longitudinally Mounted BMW Engines Diesel Engine Timing Tool Set for BMW N47/N47S/N57 This tool set is designed for timing the BMW, BMW Mini N47/N47S/N57/N57S 1.6, 2.0 and 3.0 diesel chain drive engines. Set includes: 1 pc crankshaft turning tool, OEM# 116480. 1 pc camshaft locking tool, OEM# 118760. 1 pc fuel pump removal tool, OEM# 118740 bmw says that my engine is not the engine having timing chain problems they say it's the 6 cylinder engine,but clearly they are wrong,I'm living proof!. My timing chain failed and I took it to the dealer and them confirmed it,as a fail. So they asked for more dia money,and at the end they said no coverage btw and engine is $25k

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BMW N47 timing chain issue - BMW

Genuine Bmw Timing Chain - 11318570649 This item fits the following BMW Engines: Genuine BMW Timing Chain - N47 2.0L Free Shipping on orders $49 + *exclusions appl Diesel Engine Timing Tool Set for BMW N47/N57, 2.0/3.0 TATHT8287 Includes camshaft setting plate, flywheel locking pin and crankshaft turning tool. Also includes HP pump sprocket retaining tool required during pump removal and replacement applications. Crankshaft locking tool (11 4 320) Without it, it's impossible to replace the oil pump chain, both timing chains, th Item No. CT2B0011 • It's difficult to replace the oil pump chain, both timing chains, the gear of the high pressure pump and of the balancer shaft if without this locking tool. • Without this tool the engine works irregularly. • Applications: BMW 2.0 N47 & 3.0 N57 diesel engines. • OEM Code: 114 320 Bmw N47 Timing Chain Replacemen You may have watched the BBC 1 Watchdog program on 12 th June 2013 which highlighted that BMW have had numerous complaints from BMW owners who have had total engine failure in the BMW 1-Series, 3-Series and 5-Series vehicles built between 2007 and 2009 and possibly even later due to their BMW N47 timing chain.. Watch the Episode Her

Viktec offers 15pc Master Camshaft Alignment Tool Kit BMW S85BMW 120i e87 n46 engine problem | FunnyDogNearly-new buying guide: BMW X3 (2014-2017) | Autocar

The timing chain guide was reportedly redesigned about January 2015 for this engine and is expected to reduce or eliminate the problem. The X5 35i uses the N55 I6 engine, which is not reported to have the timing chain problem, but may be prone to cooling pump problems after about 50K miles UPGRADED Timing Chain Kit For BMW 118 116 120 318 E81 E87 F20 F21 X5 N47 Diesel. AU $131.84 + AU $32.50 shipping . UPPER+LOWER+BALANCE SHAFT TIMING CHAIN KIT FOR BMW N47 N47N 2.0 Diesel Engine. AU $212.00 + AU $54.53 shipping . Timing Chain Kit For BMW N46 N42 118i 120i 316i 318i 320i 2.0L E87 E90 E91 E46 BMW N20/N26 Timing Chain Preventive Maintenance/Fix June 2, 2020 A common issue on these 2 types of engine the N20/N26 are the timing chain noises such as rattling or rough noise coming from the engine that occurs roughly at the milleage of 100,000+-km

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